Aid where needed the most

For most of us in the West, life is relatively straight forward. We all have our hardships to endure from time to time. Most of us are at least fortunate enough to be able to eat when we are hungry. As well as having shelter to protect us from the elements. We are the lucky ones though as much more people are not nearly as fortunate. Even being able to eat is a daily struggle for them. We may complain about the quality of service in a restaurant or that TV shows are not entertaining enough. Many others could only dream of having such concerns in their lives.

church and charity

There is some help available for the people that are suffering in the world though. Such help generally comes in the form of individuals and charities that want to assist. Charities based all over the world attempt to raise funds. They are providing for the needy and billions are raised every year. It is still not enough. Recognising that the poor in the world need as much help as they can possibly get, some London Escorts have offered their help.

Joining in With Fundraising Efforts.

Jennifer and Louise, who both work as London escorts Palace VIP, have been helping out with a local church’s efforts to raise money for the needy in Africa. It mainly involves going from door to door posting flyers, but can also include manning booths and stalls at conferences and town centres.

“We both have some spare time occasionally so we thought we’d do out bit to try and help out”, said Jennifer. “We knew that the local church were fundraising for a good cause so we decided that was a good place to start”, she added. “The Church have been very grateful to us for our help and have given us all we need, including plenty of tea and biscuits during our visits to the church”, she added.

“We’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks now and have raised about one thousand pounds which is very encouraging”, said Louise. “It can get tiring at times but just knowing that we are helping to make some peoples’ lives better makes it all worth it”. She finished.

A Welcome Addition.

Rev. Peter Jones from the church has said how grateful he is for the extra help and that every bit can really help to make the difference. “Jennifer and Louise have been superb, we are so thankful that they have chosen to help out”, he said. “The money really does go toward helping poor that are desperate for our help and even small contributions help to add up to something considerable over time”.

“If anybody else is able to donate some of their time or anything else to the cause then we would love to see you”, he added. “They are volunteering positions, but we do lay on lots of tea and cake for the volunteers once a week as our way of saying thank you”, he concluded.